#55 -- Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988)

Director: Stephen Chiodo
Rating: 5 / 5

With a title like that, I think some people might be turned off, and you really can't expect much from it. But Killer Klowns does not disappoint. It is just what an '80s horror movie should be. In fact, it's just what any good cheesy horror movie should be. It's filled with cheesy gore and even cheesier characters. It seems that this movie is a love it or hate it type of deal, and for me it's nothin' but love. I really can't understand all the negativity I've heard about it, because it's nothing short of amazing.

When a couple stumbles upon a mysterious big-top out in the middle of the woods, their lives change drastically. The girl is abducted, trapped in a bubble and left to die. Her boyfriend must find a way to save her as well as everyone else that have been trapped in the bubbles. I think the "bubbles" might have been made out of bubble gum, but I'm not entirely sure. Some people were also trapped in cotton candy cocoons, which the klowns then stuck straws into and drank their juices. Anyways, this guy has to save the town all by himself, because no one in their right mind will believe the story he has to tell. That is, until the Killer Klowns come to their house. He calls upon a couple of his friends, and they ride around town in an ice cream truck on a mission to save everyone from the intergalactic funny-men. 

The little guy pictured above is my favorite character in the movie. The clowns don't talk, but they definitely have personality. You can tell who the leaders are, and who the pipsqueaks are. This little guy is definitely the pipsqueak of the family, but he should not be underestimated. There's one particular scene -- the best one in the movie, in my opinion -- where this little guy shows just how tough he can be. It involves a biker gang, a destroyed bicycle, a sad little clown, and a head in a dumpster. But that's just one of the many great scenes here. There's another with shadow puppets that can actually cause damage, and one with clowns in jail. There's a lot of good stuff going on, trust me on that.

Not only do the clowns have bubbles and cocoons at their disposal, but they also have popcorn guns. When they shoot the guns, popcorn rains on their target; but it's not your average everyday popcorn. From this popcorn springs even more Killer Klowns, in some kind of weird worm form. I assume that this is their baby-form, and that these worms will eventually grow into adult killer klowns just like the rest.

The clowns look horrible. It probably would have looked better, physically, if they'd just slapped some face paint on themselves, but it just wouldn't have been the same that way. The terrible clowns is part of what makes them awesome. When I saw this movie for the first time, it instantly became one of my favorites. I'm not a huge fan of aliens, but when they're clowns I can't help but love them. This movie is goofy, funny and just downright fun to watch. If you're a fan of b-movies, clowns, or just want to have a good time -- rent this movie immediately, and enjoy it with a big heaping bowl of popcorn. But beware -- the Killer Klowns just might be hot on your trail.


  1. I still love watching this film.I have a mask thats inspired by the huge clownzilla. :)

  2. I've watched this movie I don't know how many times and it never gets old. The best b-movie ever made.

  3. I'm glad to hear that! I've heard people say so many bad things about this movie, and I just don't understand it. How can you not love it?