#49 -- Chain Letter (2010)

Director: Deon Taylor
Rating: 3 / 5

With technology taking over the world, it is only natural that it is going to drive some people crazy. We rely on technology so much that, when we do not have access to it, we think we'll die. But for these people, that is true. 

There is a crazy man out there who hates technology so much that he wants to kill anyone who uses it. How does he do this? By sending chain letters. So...In order to get his point across - that technology is bad - he has to use the thing he hates. Plot hole? Maybe, but I don't think so. This was actually addressed in the movie, and detectives believe that he wishes to use it against them. It makes sense...somewhat.

So, when the teenagers get this chain letter that says, "Break the chain, lose your life," it's not something they should ignore. But, of course, some - most - of them do. What happens then? They're killed in grisly and awesome ways. You'd think that the killer would use a toaster as a weapon, right? No way, jose! Chains, chains, and more chains. Every single time, he kills the kids with chains. One gets a chain bored through his face; one gets ripped in half by chains; and one just gets hit in the face with a chain. 

I enjoyed this one, even with the kind of shitty plot. The gore is awesome, and the kills themselves are good - one even had me cringing. The acting and effects were good, and the movie overall was entertaining. The ending left something to be desired, and I was severely disappointed. I'm led to believe that there will be a part two, because the ending of this one was so vague. If not, then I guess it's just a writing flaw. But either way, the majority of this movie was quite enjoyable. Not the best, but nowhere near the worst movie I've ever seen. Three stars for the gore alone.

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