Friday the (not-so) 13th, Part 1

In dedication to my favorite movie, favorite horror villain, and future husband, I decided to make Friday my official rant and rave day. If I haven't made clear how much I love these movies, and Jason himself, keep following my blog, and you will surely find out. In my Friday the (not-so) 13th series, I will blog about all things F13, of course! Whatever my heart desires will go here. Photos, little tidbits of information I've picked up over the years, or just rants about the series and/or the icon, because I have plenty.

The many faces of Jason Voorhees

Year: 1980
Played by Ari Lehman. This is Jason as a child, when he'd supposedly been drowned in the lake. Jason attacked Alice, the sole survivor of his mother's rampage, after she killed Mrs. Voorhees. The movie took place twenty-three years after Jason was supposed to have drowned, yet he still appeared as a child. This leads me to believe that Alice was hallucinating, though no explanation was ever really made.

Year: 1981
Played by Steve Dash/Warrington Gillette. This one takes place five years after the previous murders, and Jason is a fully grown man and in farmer-like attire. It is Gillette's face that we see, but Dash portrayed Jason throughout the majority of the film.

Year: 1982
Played by Richard Brooker. This is the film where Jason got his iconic hockey mask. He stole it off of a practical joker, Shelly, and the rest has been history.

Year: 1984
Played by Ted White. Jason was "killed" by Tommy Jarvis, a little boy played by Corey Feldman.

Year: 1985
Played by Tom Morga. Jason actually was not the killer in this one, but a man who was angry about his son being murdered. He pretended to be Jason, and went on a killing spree at the mental hospital where Tommy Jarvis has been admitted. The real Jason only appears to Tommy, in hallucinations/dreams. If you look closely, when Tommy is seeing the real Jason, he has the usual red triangle between the eyes of his hockey mask. The impostor Jason has blue streaks down each side. This is how you can tell if it's the real thing or not.

Year: 1986
Played by C.J. Graham. He is bigger and scarier than before, and kind of funny as well. This one has some of my favorite kills of the series (not because of the gore, but because they're funny). Mr. Graham is an ex-marine, was in good shape, and played the role quite well.

Year: 1988
Played by the king himself, Kane Hodder. This is the first of four films starring Mr. Hodder as our dear Jason (making him the only person to play the role more than once). This, in my opinion, is the best look Jason has ever had. Director John Carl Buechler's vision for this one was brilliant, I think, if just for Jason's look alone.

Year: 1989
Played, once again, by Kane Hodder. Jason looks a little sad and goofy in this one, but I don't mind. There is a scene in a sewer where Jason barfs up some water, and some might not know that that was real. Kane Hodder can vomit on command. He drank a lot of water beforehand, and that is actual puke that you're seeing.

Year: 1994
Played by Kane Hodder. I didn't care much for his look in this one, because his head looked really weird. He actually had many different looks, because he possessed several people throughout the movie. But, this is Jason as we know and love him. His "true form" was a strange little worm creature.

Year: 2001
Played by Kane Hodder. If I had seen this picture before seeing the movie, I would have screamed, "That's not Jason!" But, yes, my friends...That is Jason. He didn't look like this the whole time, but it is just too ridiculous to overlook. Not only was he IN SPACE, they turned him into some kind of robot. Being a huge fan of his "classic" look (hockey mask, ragged clothing), this was not appealing to me whatsoever. He was stronger and harder to defeat, which was good, but come on people!

Year: 2003
Played by Ken Kirzinger. I was destined not to like Jason quite as much in this one, just because Kane Hodder was booted. I love the movie, but Jason just didn't quite seem like himself. The look was okay, aside from the fact that he was black for some reason, with long scraggly hair.

Year: 2009
Played by Derek Mears. Jason was still big, but more lean and cut. Derek Mears did a wonderful job portraying the character, and I loved this movie a lot more than I thought I would. He was lean and mean and mhm mhm good. Kane Hodder will always be my numero uno, but Derek succeeded where others fell short - in making Jason friggin' sexy. He's always been sexy to me, but even more so here.

So, there we have it. Jason's changed a lot over the years, with the only consistency being the hockey mask. But whether he's scary or goofy, huge or not-so-big, he's vicious and unstoppable, and he will always hold a special place in my heart.


  1. What a cool post! I can tell you really are a big fan. :)

  2. Thank you! I am a HUGE fan. It's borderline obsession, but whatever. ;p