#37 -- Zombies Zombies Zombies (2008)

Director: Jason Murphy
Rating: 3 / 5

Zombies and strippers. They go together like peanut butter and jelly; like cookies and milk; like doritos and apple sauce. But seriously, what could be better than being able to watch a bunch of hot chicks eating each other, without having to hide it from your family? I sure as hell can't think of anything. 

A scientist is working on an experimental drug that will kill cancerous cells. The drug works - it kills cancer cells, but it has a SERIOUS side effect. That drug gets stolen by a fat drug dealer. Said fat drug dealer later buys a whore, and the whore steals the drug from him. She smokes it like it's crack rock and shares it with one of her friends. The two whores become zombies and, well...You can probably figure out the rest. 

The strippers are: Dakota, Dallas, Pandora, and Harley. We also have Baby and her pimp, Johnny (or Daddy), Harley's brother Chris, and Dakota's boyfriend. Johnny figures out that it's the drug that's causing the whores to go crazy, so Chris and Dallas decide to go find the scientist. Johnny is actually a bit of a chicken shit, so he refuses to go along. The scientist has found a cure for the zombieism and he gives it to Chris before he is attacked by a zombie. Unfortunately, as Chris and Dallas are fighting with the zombie, Chris accidentally injects the drug into himself. They kill the zombie and go back to the strip club, without the cure. 

Meanwhile, there's plenty of comedy to distract you from all the blood and guts. Johnny is actually quite funny. He keeps his pimp hand strong, while jumping at every unusual sound or every person standing beside him. He finds out that Baby is pregnant, and tells her that he'll have to start working her overtime. You know, before she gets fat and all. We get to see Dakota giving her boyfriend a lap-dance, only to be attacked by a zombie. Boyfriend is very angry because he was about to get laid, and that damned zombie ruined it. So, naturally, he beats her into a pulp. 

If this isn't reason enough to see this movie, you're gay. Or a close-minded woman. Either way, you suck.

Much to my own dismay (because he happened to be my favorite character), Chris is attacked by a zombie. But it doesn't take long to realize that he is unaffected. The zombie, however, isn't as lucky. You see, since the cure had been injected into Chris's blood, he IS the cure now.

After letting two zombies in at a time, to bite Chris and be blown into pieces, Chris isn't looking too good. He is probably dying from blood-loss. Or just from letting so many zombies chow down on him. He can barely move anymore, but he realizes he is the only hope for the others' survival. And he is thinking of Harley, his sister, and Harley's daughter. He has to save them. So he sacrifices himself. He throws himself to the zombies and gets eaten up, leaving the surviving girls splattered with bits of exploded zombie guts.

If you like zombie flicks with comedy thrown in, this is the movie for you. I laughed through the whole thing, but I was equally amazed at the level of blood and guts. And the kills were fun as well - there's nothing more fun than watching a stripper take a chainsaw to a horde of zombies. It was a fun and entertaining experience.

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