#41 -- The Initiation of Sarah (1978)

Director: Robert Day
Rating: 3 / 5

Sarah (an outsider with telekinetic powers) and her sister, Patty, are starting college. They've both been searching for sororities. But when the popular sorority (ANS) chooses Patty and excludes Sarah, the sisters start to drift apart. Sarah joins a less popular sorority (PED) that has had an ongoing feud with ANS, and things start to get even worse. During Hell Week, the sisters of ANS torment the girls of PED, and they force Patty to join in on the fun. 

When a prank sends Sarah over the edge, her house mother, Ms. Hunter, convinces Sarah that she must get revenge, and she helps her harness and control her unique power. But Ms. Hunter isn't just a concerned "mother." She seems to be some sort of witch, or involved in a Satanic cult. During their initiation, Ms. Hunter gets Sarah to telekinetically "destroy" the sisters of ANS. She, somehow, causes Jennifer (the head bitch over at ANS) to age instantly. Ms. Hunter then tries to convince Sarah to commit murder - to kill one of her new friends. But Sarah will have none of it. SPOILER. She sets the maze (where they are conducting the initiation) on fire, and kills Ms. Hunter as well as herself.

This made-for-TV movie is entertaining in its own way. It is a bit reminiscent of Stephen King's Carrie (1976). The basics of it are the same, while it gives us its own unique story and characters. It makes us feel for the characters, though sadly lacks in the action/suspense department. I particularly liked Roseanne Conner's grandmother as the satanic house mother. It wasn't very exciting but, as I said, entertaining to an extent. This one also stars Morgan Fairchild as Jennifer, the snooty bitch at ANS. Though a beautiful girl, we feel nothing but anger toward her for her meanness and trickery. Initiation is an all right movie, though I wouldn't call it wonderful. It was fun for a one-time view.

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