#47 -- Aaah! Zombies!! (2007)

Director: Matthew Kohnen
Rating: 5 / 5

I would recommend watching this movie while enjoying some Mexican brain tacos and some brain margaritas.

Finally! I have stumbled onto something completely amazing. This is unlike any zombie movie I have ever seen. It is incredibly inventive and unique, and a definite pleasure to watch. 

A government experiment devised to create super soldiers has gone horribly wrong, turning the subjects into flesh-eating monsters. When a truck carrying the toxic gunk crashes and dumps its cargo into tubs of ice cream, and some guy mixes beer with that ice cream to enjoy with his friends...Well, hilarity ensues. The kids, however, don't realize that they are zombies. One of them starts feeling sick, but it soon passes. All they know is that people are running away from them for no apparent reason. 

But when they meet an ex-military-man - Nick -, he tells them that the rest of the world has become infected by the toxin. They run (or stumble) around, trying to rid the town of the plague. It isn't until Nick is captured by the government that they realize the truth. The doctors have created a machine that enhances the brain waves of the zombies, so that they can speak to them (before this, the only people who could understand them and didn't run away screaming were those who were incredibly intoxicated). 

So, they create an army of the undead (led by a talking head) to get away from those who wish to kill them. They decide to go out into the desert and start a new life. This is their promise land. But getting there is not going to be easy for our zombie friends. First they must get past all the government officials who are trying to eradicate them. 

This movie is so fantastic. I recommend it to zombie fans and otherwise. I think this one can be enjoyed by just about anyone. It is incredibly unique, and actually quite hilarious. Brain margaritas and picante mexican brain tacos? Oh yes, I'll have an order of that. 

Another interesting bit about this one is the switch from black-and-white to color. In color, the zombies appear to be normal people - this is how they see themselves and each other. But in black-and-white, it is how the rest of the world views them - monsters. And really, they're not monsters. They just don't want to be hurt. It makes you think twice about everything you've ever thought about zombies. Maybe they're not mindless; maybe they've just lost their ability to convey their emotions to US. Who knows? All I know is that this movie is amazing, and it instantly became one of my favorites. Definitely check it out for something new and interesting in the zombie subgenre of horror movies. While not exactly a horror, it is still a wonderful zombie flick.


  1. Agreed, very fun Z flick.

    You might also like one called Fido, about a boy who has a Zombie for a pet. (If you haven't already seen it.) Same kind of humor in a way.

  2. I did really like this, because it is so different from every other zombie movie there is. Fido was great as well, though it made me a bit jealous. Fido was a lot nicer than my pet zombie. :(