#53 -- The Wolf Man (2010)

Director: Joe Johnston
Rating: 3 / 5

Lately, all werewolves have turned into wolves. I know what you're thinking: "But, they're supposed to be wolves!" Wrong. They're not wolves. They're werewolves – meaning MANbeast. It seems like most werewolf movies these days have men turning completely into wolves, rather than a man/wolf hybrid. This version of The Wolf Man – well, it's an actual wolf man, and I appreciate that greatly. 

A man, Lawrence, returns home to investigate the death of his brother, Ben. A beast has been loose in the town; some believe it is a wolf, some believe it is a lunatic, but some others know the truth. When Lawrence tries to kill the beast, he is bitten. He is stitched up by a gypsy woman and returns home. But he is not normal, of course. He transforms during a full moon and commits terrible murders. He is committed to an asylum. The doctor makes himself, and everyone else, believe that he is actually not a werewolf, but a crazy person who has convinced himself that he's a werewolf. Even though they've seen him in wolf form, they go along with it, for whatever reason. But there's still another beast out there…So Lawrence must keep hidden from the police, while simultaneously trying to save the woman he loves from the other beast, who wishes to kill her. 

The transformation scenes are graphic and visually stunning. It is amazing how real it looks; I was incredibly impressed with the effects. This movie includes an epic werewolf battle, a story of loss and love, and betrayal. It is a beautiful film, visually, and each character is well developed. My opinion is this: I can appreciate that it is a good and well made movie, but I didn't love it. That's not because it had flaws, or just wasn't good – as I've said before. It is simply personal tastes. I can appreciate the movie for what it is, and I would recommend it to just about anyone.

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