#77 -- Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things (1973)

Director: Bob Clark
Rating: 2 / 5

A group of thespians travel to a creepy island with their theater director, Alan. Alan, it seems, is not only into the theater. He also dabbles a bit in the supernatural. He dons a hideous blue robe, digs up a corpse from a nearby cemetery, and performs a satanic ritual in order to raise the dead. He wants to turn the corpses into his slaves. No one expects it to work, but of course, it does...Eventually. When the zombies do rise up, it's not all that impressing. They're not the best zombies I've ever seen, but I can overlook that. I have nothing against bad zombie movies. It's the complete uninteresting-ness that bothers me.

It takes an hour for the dead things to actually come to life. All the time up to that point is spent wandering around the island, bickering at one another, and overall being extremely boring. The characters really aren't all that likeable, and neither is hardly anything else.

There are three semi-interesting points in the movie. 1) The way Alan dresses. It's not that it's all that interesting; it just happens to be the most frightening part of the movie. He looks like he's in a bad '70s movie. Oh, wait... 2) Anya, a very strange girl who feels symathy for the dead. She's the typical "we shouldn't do this" type of character, only she becomes pretty creepy in the process. 3) Jeff, who pisses his pants after Alan pulls a very scary (note: it's not that scary) prank on him. He keeps repeating, over and over and over, "I peed my pants. I PEED my pants." It's funny and, luckily, he shuts his trap before it gets too annoying. So, if you're up for something completely mindless, check it out. But I wouldn't really recommend it, unless you're just a mega fan of badly made '70s horror flicks. It's not the WORST movie I've ever seen, but it probably comes close. It might have been better if the characters were given more likeable personalities, or if the pacing was a little faster. But as it is, it just wasn't my cup 'o tea. 

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  1. LOL @ the way Alan dresses is the scariest.

    I liked this movie, I thought it was slightly creepy but a bit cheesy. :P