#75 -- Ginger Snaps: Unleashed (2004)

Director: Brett Sullivan
Rating: 3 / 5

This movie picks up where Ginger Snaps left off. It doesn't make much sense for this movie to also be called Ginger Snaps (except, of course, because it's part of a series). Ginger already snapped, and Ginger is dead (she appears to Brigitte through hallucinations, though). It would make more sense for this one to be called Brigitte Snaps, but I guess that just doesn't sound as cool. If you remember the first movie, you know that Brigitte was infected by Ginger's blood, and she is now fighting her own change. She keeps shooting the Monkshood (the cure she found in the first movie) into her veins, but she learns that it only slows the transformation; it doesn't stop it. And to top all of that off, there is another werewolf hunting Brigitte down. She runs, but he always finds her. What does he want? Well, he wants to mate with her.

Brigitte ends up being admitted into a mental facility/rehab, and without her Munkshood, the other residents are in danger. Luckily, she gets help from a fellow patient, Ghost (who is staying at the hospital with her badly burned grandmother), to escape. They go back to Ghost's home, set traps for the monster hunting Brigitte, and try to keep Brigitte under control. But we soon learn that Ghost has more than a few mental issues, and Brigitte doesn't exactly get the ending that she'd hoped for.

This is a good installment to the Ginger Snaps trilogy, and Ghost adds just enough of a twist without becoming irritating or stupid. In the first movie, in the first stages of Ginger's transformation, Ginger was quite sexy. Brigitte, however, is just nasty. She does not make a pretty werewolf, but I think that's what they were going for. She was definitely scarier than Ginger. While I did enjoy this movie, it just can't compare to the first, in my opinion. But if you're a big fan of the first, you definitely need to check this one out. The first one left us wondering what would happen to Brigitte after she killed Ginger, and this one answers that question for us. 


  1. Seriously been too long since I've last watched this one, but I loved the hell out of it. Girl that played Ghost was a show stealer in most scenes, and that means a lot coming from me since I really enjoy Emily Perkins

  2. Yeah, she definitely was. She was creepy even before she decided to keep Brigitte as a pet.