#78 -- Skinwalkers (2006)

Director: James Isaac
Rating: 3 / 5

A lot of werewolves are very accepting of what they are. In fact, they not only accept it, but they embrace it; they love it. They love the feeling of tearing into human flesh; they describe it as being like a drug. They are addicted. But there are some other werewolves who do not see it that way. The see it as a curse, and all they want is for it to end. According to Native American legend, a half-breed boy will end the curse forever. Once the boy turns thirteen, he will have the power to end it all. A red moon will signal the coming of the boy's thirteenth birthday, and for one pack of werewolves, it is not a happy occasion.

Skinwalkers follows Timothy, the thirteen year old half-breed boy, and his family. All are werewolves except for his mother and a family friend. His family soon becomes a target for an opposing pack of werewolves who wish to kill Timothy in order to keep their animal-like lives. They do not want it to end, and they will do whatever they can to stop him from doing so. Timothy and his family must run for their lives in order to save him from those who wish to kill them; and also, to be able to lead normal lives. Many are lost on the way, sacrificing their lives in order to keep him safe. But will Timothy ever really be safe? 

I liked this movie. There was a good bit of action, though not a whole lot of gore. What was interesting was that the wolves in Timothy's family chained themselves up at night, so they couldn't get out and kill anyone. They're kind of like vegetarian werewolves. But it wasn't that they didn't want to eat people. The problem was that they did, and if they ever fed on a human, they would be stuck. They would become like the other Skinwalkers who embrace and love what they are, and they definitely didn't want that to happen. I liked this because it wasn't a typical werewolf movie, and they were actually werewolves. They were like wolfmen (the way they're supposed to be), and I like that. It wasn't the most wonderful movie I've ever seen, and the fear factor was practically zero. But the story was interesting, the characters were likable, and it was filmed beautifully. It's interesting and I'm glad I watched it. 

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