In My Eyes

I'm going to be lazy today. That seems to be happening a lot lately. But today I will share another one of my little poems with you guys.

In My Eyes

Dedicated to my beautiful and wonderful husband, Jason Voorhees.

It was a cold dark night and I had lost my way
Not a single part of me wanted to get away
The moon was full and the wind, it howled
What a perfect night to be disemboweled

Oh, evil eyes; filled with rage for humankind
Oh, hands so strong; to kill me off won’t take long

He was coming for me, axe in hand
I needn’t be here in his precious land
I should have run, but there was no fear
There was reason for my being here

Oh, kill me fast; make it slow and make it last
Oh, rip out my heart; play with it, shred it, rip it apart

I felt my life slowly slipping away
What a beautiful glorious day
I was just a number making his body count rise
But I’m sure he’d seen love in my helpless little eyes

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