#79 -- Pervert! (2005)

Director: Jonathan Yudis
Rating: 3 / 5

I don't think you have to be a pervert to watch this movie, but it probably helps. When you've got a sick and nasty sense of humor like me, you'll enjoy it. Otherwise, you'll probably just think it's stupid and that you wasted your time. In Pervert! a young man, James, stays with his father somewhere out in the desert, it seems. His father, an old dirty man, somehow seems to get some really hot ladies. But he can't keep the ladies for too long, because James likes to steal them. Unfortunately, James doesn't get to keep them very long either, because they all end up dying mysteriously. 

We're led to believe for a while that it's some sort of boogeyman killing the women. We see a first-person view of something crawling from underneath James' bed to go out and hack some hotties. But we soon realize that the beast does NOT live under James' bed...It lives in his pants, and it is very jealous. Or, I shall say she. She loves James, and she doesn't want any other women near him. We find out that James had spoken with a witch doctor in order to help him attract women. But of course, all magic comes with a price. 

James' dad is somewhat of a freaky artist, and he creates sculptures of female bodies - out of meat. This leads us to believe for a while that it's actually the old fart killing the women. But no, he's just a lonely, crazy old man with some issues. James eventually ends up falling in love with a nurse that he'd hired to take care of his father. But the nurse had ulterior motives, and all did not go as planned. So, again, if you've got a twisted sense of humor and enjoy really cheesy and weird horror movies, Pervert! is the movie for you. 


  1. Haha. You got me. That sounds weird enough to be a blast!

  2. It is definitely strange. But hilarious!

  3. I wanted to check out this movie, just to see if it's really as weird as people say!