Friday the (not-so) 13th, Part 6

Being a bookworm, I'm really interested in all the Friday the 13th books out there. I was surprised to find out that there are quite a lot of them. And, unfortunately, I cannot afford any of them. But here's a look at some of the books I've found.

Friday the 13th books

Camp Crystal Lake series

As far as I can tell, this series is follows the formula of the movies. Kids going to the lake only to be taken out one by one. They're not novelizations; they're just based on the film series. It seems pretty interesting to me, and I might check them out one day. You can buy these on Amazon, but there is a HUGE difference in pricing between new and used copies. You can get a new one for almost three-hundred dollars; or you can get a used one for thirty cents. It doesn't make sense to me, but when I do finally check it out, I'll be going for the used.

Buy "Mother's Day" on Amazon

Crystal Lake Memories

This is a complete history of the Friday the 13th series, with a foreward by Sean Cunningham. I took a peek inside the book at Amazon, and it seems like it is completely amazing. I would LOVE to have this book in my collection.

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Making Friday the 13th

This is the only of the books that I actually own, and it's definitely wonderful. It, if you can't tell from the title, describes the making of each of the movies (not including the newest), including several behind the scenes photos. It is very interesting and has taught me a lot about the series.

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Friday the 13th Novelization

These ARE novelizations of the movies, based upon the actual screenplay. I once read an excerpt of the second of these, and it goes a bit deeper into the story of Jason and his mother. I would also love to have these, so I can get to know my husband better (he doesn't talk much, so it's hard as it is to get to know him very well). I've found parts 1, 2, 3, and 6 of these books. I'm sure there are parts 4 & 5 as well, so we know there are at least six novelizations. I'm not sure if Simon Hawke has written books for all the other movies, though.

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Friday the 13th series

This is also a series based upon the movies, all written by different authors. It seems interesting, though many of them received terrible reviews on Amazon. I'd still love to read them.

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Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash

Out of all these other books, I want these comics more than anything. The story is this: Freddy is dead, and trapped inside Jason's mind. Along with Jason's mother, Freddy convinces him to retrieve the Necronomicon so that Freddy can be resurrected. Ash, along with other S-Mart employees, must stop the madness. According to what I read, Freddy eventually resurrects Jason's victims as deadites, and a huge battle between the three icons commences. I am dying - DYING - to read these. Seriously, I'm dying inside.

Buy it! And buy me one too! :p

There are several more books based upon the Friday the 13th series, and it would be impossible to go through every single one of them. But by following the links I've provided, you can probably find all of them.


  1. The Friday the 13th series (2nd to last in your list) was fun. Pay no attention to the haters on Amazon. With the exception of Hell Lake they are very different and have great concepts.

  2. I read the four Camp Crystal Lake series as well as Hate, Kill, Repeat. All worth a read if you like the series. The thing about the CCL series is that it's not Jason, it people possessed by wearing his mask. My personal favorite was the first, Mothers day. If you still have not read it in the three years since writing the article, I'd recommend getting a used copy.