#13 -- Drive Thru (2007)

Directors: Brendan Cowles & Shane Kuhn
Rating: 5 / 5

I friggin' love this movie. I'm all for killer clowns - love 'em! And I do believe this is the best one since Stephen King's It. 

We start off with a couple white gangsters (trust me, within a few minutes you'll be saying "Kill them! Please!") and their girlfriends. They're at the drive thru, and the man behind the intercom says something that the head ganster doesn't like very much (I think it was something alone the lines of "Can I fuck your whore, wigger?" and when asked to repeat himself he says "Can I take your order, mister?"). So, he and his buddy go inside to give the man a piece of their minds. While the HG (head gangster) is walking around through the restaurant, he's singing a little song that goes something like - Homie got a date with my nickel plate... Really? Just...really? Goodness. Anyways, when they got axed I found myself jumping up and down screaming "Yay! Whoo-hoo!" Not really, but I definitely felt like doing so. Meanwhile, their girlfriends are axed back out in the truck. 

The story follows a seventeen year old girl who is getting ready to sleep with her boyfriend. She wants to wait until she turns eighteen so she will be legal (which is a bit unbelievable, but we go with it). Along with a group of friends, they start playing around with an Ouija board, and they get a series of letters and numbers. They find out later that this is the license plate number of the truck the gangsters were driving. When their friends start dying, they begin investigating. The girl realizes that all of the kids who've been murdered were all children of her mother's friends. Whens she confronts her mother, she becomes very distant and vague.

We find out eventually that there was a boy who went to school with the girl's mother. He was in love with her, and she and her friends picked on him. He invited her to his birthday party at his father's restaurant (Hella-Burger), and they played a prank that resulted in his death. And now, he is back for revenge - by killing their children.

The boy worked, when he was alive, for his father as the mascot of his restaurant. His name is Horny The Clown, and he is PISSED OFF. He likes to quote The Shining ("I'm not gonna hurt you; I'm gonna BASH YOUR BRAINS IN!") He wears a sort of flaming jumpsuit, and his mask is like the intercom on a drive thru. His hair also resembles flames, as does his axe. And, I may be strange, but I find Horny The Clown to be quite sexy. He is vicious. He completely goes ape shit on the people he kills, laying down on them with his axe with such intensity that it makes me say, "Oooh."

Aside from my sick fantasies, this actually is a great movie. It is very well done - the filming, the effects, the acting, the storyline. It is amazing, and worth several views - for me at least. 

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