#16 -- The Tooth Fairy (2006)

Director: Chuck Bowman
Rating: 3 / 5

We start off in the year 1949. Two brothers head up to the Witch's house. One is too afraid to go inside, so he waits. The other goes inside, and it appears that the woman has promised him a new bike - a shiny red Schwimm that he cannot wait to get his hands on. But first, he has to give her a tooth. The only problem is that the tooth has not yet fallen out. So, with the aid of a piece of string, he forces the tooth out. Before he can receive his prize, however, the old lady kills him.

Fastforward to the present day. That old woman's house has been bought and is being turned into a bed and breakfast. The owner (Peter), his girlfriend (Darcy), and her daughter (Pamela, or Pammy), and the handyman (Bobby) are gettting things ready. A young woman (Star) shows up, to rent a room. While walking around the property, Pammy finds an old bike. Another little girl (Emma) shows up and helps her pump the tires up, and they go for a ride. They reach a bridge and Emma tells her to stop, that this place is haunted. She then tells her about the witch. The witch collects children's teeth, and once she gets them, she kills the children. When she was alive, she had some sort of disease and she couldn't stand to look at herself. After killing all the children, she cursed them so that their souls were forced to roam the earth. Pammy has one baby tooth left, and Emma tells her to make sure she back home safely before she loses it. But on the way back to the Bed and Breakfast, someone (presumably the witch) knocks Pammy off the bike and the tooth comes out. Later that night, someone in a black cloak is peering over Pammy's bed. She screams and runs downstairs, and they all meet up with Mrs. McDonald, the crazy woman next door. She tells them a story of the witch too, but they dismiss it. 

Soon enough, people start dying. Mrs. McDonald tells them that all the renovations have disturbed her slumber. The first one to go is Bobby, who was thrown into a wood chipper. Darcy and Peter go into town to see the sheriff (because Darcy's car was stolen), and when they get back we meet two more people: Cherise and Cole. Cole is an old friend of Peter's and is in a band; Cherise is his hippie roadie. She, too, tells them that she senses something evil in the house. 

The next to die is Cherise. The witch stuck her to a wall using a nail gun, and axed her to pieces. Next is Cole. He is decapitated and axed in the back. Cole and Star were getting ready to boom-boom, and Star comes back into the room (topless) to find him dead. She passes out and is later saved by Peter. Next, two hillbilly tow truck drivers, the Hammond Brothers. The first is killed by castration, the second by an axe in the back. 

In order to defeat the witch, Emma tells Pammy that she will have to steal the music box that she keeps the children's teeth in. This will eliminate her power. Mrs. McDonald tells Darcy and Peter that they will have to torch her twice. We realize early on that Emma is the ghost of one of the children that were murdered. Later, we meet the rest of the ghosts. They are trapped on earth and wish to be set free. In order to do this, they would each have to get their teeth back.

In the final battle Pammy, Darcy, and Peter are in the cemetery. The witch has followed them there, after being torched the first time. They torch her once again, and all the ghosts start whacking her with sticks. They then retrieve their teeth from the ashes and their souls float into the sky. 

The story for this one is good, I think. I'd never seen anything like it. I think it could have been done better. I would have like to see the witch as more of a specter. She was almost like a normal person, just walking around and killing everyone. But, for the most part, it was an all right movie. I've watched it twice, so it can't be all that bad. I give it three stars.

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