#21 -- Someone's Knocking At the Door (2009)

Director: Chad Ferrin
Rating: 3 / 5

Sometimes, a movie will have a tagline that leads you to believe the film is disgusting or extremely scary. But when you watch the movie, you find out that it's just the opposite. But trust me when I say...This movie's tagline reads The most depraved film of the 21st century - and it doesn't lie. I would like to throw a warning out there before I continue on - if you are easily offended or have a weak stomach steer clear of this movie. I'm sure some out there would argue that this film is extremely mentally disturbing (they would be right) and that no such film should have been allowed to be created. I don't know about that last part, because what people can't seem to figure out is that it's JUST A MOVIE. These things are not happening; these people are actors and they are simply trying to tell you a story. It is disgusting; it is disturbing, yes. But if you actually watch the entire film, you'll realize that it actually has a good moral message.

It opens up on a man (Ray) shooting some kind of drug into his arm. There is a knock at the door. When he opens the door, a naked woman stands before him. He asks if he knows her, and she jumps on him. She says, "I'm gonna fuck you 'till you die." After they've gone on for a couple of minutes, he realizes that something isn't right and turns to look at the girl again. It is no longer a girl, but a man with a hideous face. The man bites his tongue off, and...it turns out that this demon-man is extremely well-endowed. But instead of using his gift for pleasure, he uses it for evil. It is his weapon of choice.

The man and woman are serial murderers, somehow returned (I assume from the grave) from the 1970s. They are Wilma and John Hopper. They begin taking out a group of medical students one by one, raping and murdering each of them. Justin is having visions of Ray, postmortem. He sees him in different places and he can't shake the visions - he eventually goes a little bit crazy. 

We see a flashback of all the students gathered in a hospital. They are going through research regarding the Hoppers. There is a recording which ultimately leads to the murder of the doctor studying them. The students find a drug that had been given to the Hoppers to treat them. All but one take it. 

Scenes in this one are a bit difficult to watch at times, because they are either a) really nasty or b) just downright wrong. A police officer is killed by John Hopper's "weapon" penetrating his head. All the way through, it seems. Another young man is raped (he thinks it's a girl with a strap-on, but eventually learns the truth). A woman's head is eaten by Wilma Hopper's lady-parts. It's gross and disturbing, and an acquired taste.

The "surprise ending" really isn't all that surprising (unexpected, but not shocking), but good nonetheless. I'm not opposed to giving it away, because it seems that not many people make to the end anyhow. Justin, his girlfriend, and another male student are at a hospital. Meg, Justin's girlfriend, was almost raped - not by John, but by the apparition of a police officer that John had killed. Another police officer is in the room with them, and Justin goes crazy. He wants to know why this man's partner tried to hurt Meg. The cop says that his partner was a good man, and Justin loses it. He shoots the police officer. He then shoots his friend Joe, saying, "Don't worry. It's not real." He sits on the bed with Meg, tells her he loves her, and then shoots himself. Cut to the room at the hospital where they were researching, and all of the students (except for the one who didn't take the drug, Meg) are lying on the floor. Dead. It is implied that the entire fiasco was hallucinatory in Justin's dying mind. 

At the end of the credits, we have our moral:

Speed kills
Slow down

It is an anti-drug movie, and I'm sure it works wonders. If I thought that any drug was going to make me hallucinate some freaky shit like that, I would have to say, "No, no, no." 

People seem to like this one for different reasons. I thought it was all right - not wonderful, but not terrible. I give it three stars because I AM a gore whore. While there weren't many gory scenes, the ones that were present were quite enough. It is definitely not for everyone, so viewers please be advised.

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