#19 -- Zombie Women of Satan (2009)

Directors: Steve O'Brien & Warren Speed
Rating: 3 / 5

We have an interesting list of characters in this one. We've got a burlesque troupe called Flesharama: Skye Brannigan (a tough-girl rocker), Pervo the Clown (a...well, perve), Damage (master of pain), Harmony Starr (she calls herself a burlesque artist; but she's just a stripper), Johnny D. Hellfire (he seems to be their manager and announcer), and Zeus (a "little person" who assists the others in the show). They put on some kind of freakshow. When they get a gig doing a popular online show, Raw TV, things get weird. The creator and star of Raw TV is Tycho Zander, who is also the leader of some kind of cult. When Tycho's sister, Red, comes barging in screaming that the girls have gone mad, they run out. But not before Skye notices her sister, Rachel. Sky and Rachel's other sister drowned when they were teenagers. They each dealt with their grief differently, and Rachel disappeared. Now that Skye knows where she is, she will stop at nothing to get her out of there.

Tycho takes in girls and keeps them drugged, so that they will do whatever they're told. They no longer have names; they go by letters of the alphabet instead. There is a girl for every letter. Tycho's father, Henry, works in a lab. He is trying to create some kind of serum that turns the girls into zombies. He studies one subject at a time and keeps her tied to a table in his lab. But somehow, the serum leaks out, and all the girls become infected.

Meanwhile, Tycho and Red's mother (everyone just calls her Mother) is chained up in a backroom of the basement. She is one crazy old lady. Not to mention horny. She's always shouting at Henry because she wants some of his ass. And, she likes to play with the girls. When Henry is finished experimenting with them, after they're dead, he leaves them with her to "play with." It is hinted at later that she eats them. She's not a zombie - just a crazy old bat. Once she sees Pervo, she shouts, "Fuck me, sexy clown man!" 

Pervo the Clown

When Pervo is getting ready to take a chainsaw to a zombie girl, he rears back and...accidentally decapitates Johnny D. Hellfire. When he turns around and realizes what has happened he says, "Did I do that?" Reminiscent of Steven Q. Urkel. Harmony replies, "No! It just fucking fell off!"

There's really not much excitement in this. They're running from half naked zombie chicks, yes, but other than that...there isn't much going on. I didn't like this very much, but it was all right. Just some of the one-liners (especially coming from Mother) were very funny, which is why I'll give it three stars. And there's plenty of T & A if that's what you're interested in. This might be a good choice for a night of drunken debauchery, but if you're looking for a seriously good horror movie, this isn't the one for you.

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