Friday the (not-so) 13th, Part 4

I thought I'd keep it simple this week and, instead of ranting about the movies, just share my little collection of things. I'm a pretty poor woman, so I really don't have a lot, but I enjoy it and plan on (hopefully) acquiring much more over the years.

My Friday the 13th Memorabilia

DVD Collection

AWESOME Jason action figure from Friday the 13th VII: The New Blood. It looks so good, and is really accurate. I love it!

Really cool game that no one wants to play with me. :(

Shitty hockey mask from Wal-Mart. But it works for my boyfriend when he wants to surprise me on Halloween. ;)

Playing cards

Zippo lighter that doesn't work half the time...

A really awesome book for F13 fans. I haven't read all of it yet (even though I've had it for YEARS), but it's got some really interesting stuff in it, and a lot of really awesome photos.

So that's my collection. It's not a lot, but I'm happy with it for the moment. I'd really like some more action figures. I especially would like some of the Living Dead Doll ones; they're super cute. :) But all this makes me happy, and I smile every time I look at it. I only wish there was someone around who would play the trivia game with me. I will have one more book to add to my collection this coming up monday, when I meet Kane Hodder and get an autographed copy of his autobiography. I am so fucking excited I don't know what to do with myself.


  1. That's a sweet collection! I would love to have that Friday/Elm Street trivia game, but have no friends I could play it with :/

    I used to have Friday 3 in book form and it went into more detail of characters, like the couple in the beginning that own the store, how they were living a failed marriage. It was crazy, drew a bit more sympathy out of them.

  2. I know! No one will play with me either. It's probably just because they know I'd beat them. Haha. I think there are novelizations of all the films, and I would LOVE to read them. There are also some Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash comics that I would love to read.

  3. I got the FvJvA comics, they are a lot of fun! The stand alone F13 and Elm St comics are good, too. Super gory.

  4. Ah, I want them! But last time I looked online, I couldn't find them. :(