Friday the (not-so) 13th, Part 2

Did Jason beat Freddy?

The famous question, perhaps more famous now than "Which came first…" Well, I'm sure you can already guess who my vote goes to, but just for good measure, I'll explain why.

Freddy gave Jason a good fight, there is no doubting that. Freddy is much stronger than any of the dumb teenagers that Jason has ever had to fight. But, Jason is also much stronger than any of the dumb teenagers Freddy has fought. And Jason is stronger than Freddy. Some would argue that Freddy is stronger than Jason, because he mindfucks his victims. But that's just it - when their battle took place, they were not in Freddy's dreamland, they were in Jason's world. Freddy's mind is far stronger than Jason's, that cannot be denied. But Jason's body? Freddy didn't stand a chance. Freddy was able to get into Jason's dreams and torment him, so maybe that was a mental victory for Freddy. But, do mental victories really matter? I think not.

But if you think about it, Jason mindfucked Freddy a little bit too. Freddy brought Jason to Springwood because he'd lost his mojo. The kids weren't scared of him anymore. He needed someone to start killing, so the town would believe it was Freddy and the fear of him would be renewed. But he didn't think for one minute that Jason – being a vicious killer himself – wouldn't want to stop. Jason stole Freddy's victims and pretty much foiled his plan. Freddy, the man who kills using mind-power, was fucked over by a mongoloid. I think that alone warrants a victory for Jason.

If that's not enough, just look at how each walked away from the fight. Jason walked away missing only a couple of fingers. And Freddy…Well, he didn't walk away at all. He was missing his entire body. Sure, Jason himself didn't decapitate Freddy, but Jason walked away with the least amount of damage, and he was carrying Freddy's head. So, there's really no telling what he did to it afterwards. He could have hacked it into tiny little pieces. Or, better yet, he could be keeping it in the shrine with Pamela's head. Who knows?

Victory – Jason Voorhees.

Do you agree or disagree? You better have some solid evidence from the film if you disagree with me. Otherwise, I will not believe you. :)


  1. I would like to believe that Jason won as I am a big Jason fan even though I do enjoy watching Nightmare films. The thing that always left me unsettled was the wink of the eye from the decapitated Freddy head. Not to mention that at the end Jason is going back to the same place that was in his dream earlier in the film. So maybe since they are both huge horror icons the studios made this ending as a sort of draw. Either way go Jason! :)

  2. Hm, I never even noticed that. That he was going back to his dream. That would make the victory lean toward Freddy. But I think we'll just stick with a draw, 'cause there's no way I'd say Freddy won. :)