#63 -- Friday the 13th part 3 (1982)

Director: Steve Miner
Rating: 5 / 5

Friday the 13th part 3 switched it up a little bit, as it doesn't take place in a summer camp. Instead, it takes place in a family-owned cabin in the Crystal Lake area. Chris decides to return to the cabin with a group of friends for a little summer fun. Having had an encounter with Jason when she was a little girl (when she decided to sleep in the woods after her parents had a fight), she also hopes to face her fears of the psychotic killer. 

This one was released as a 3D movie. You could say it's gimmicky, but I don't think so, not back then. These days, every other movie is in 3D, and I like to think that Friday the 13th was cool before cool was cool. Sadly, I was born seven years after the release of this movie, so I didn't get to see it in all its 3D glory. My DVD did come with a set of hockey-mask 3D glasses, but I'm sure you could guess that they're pretty shitty. The 3D effects are pretty good, though, just watching it regularly. It's not exactly 3D - just looks like things are coming at the camera, but it's pretty neat anyways. I'm waiting – crossing my fingers – that they will re-release it in 3D, but I won't hold my breath. 

Anyways, part three is perhaps the biggest milestone in Friday the 13th history. No, not because it was done in 3D, but because it was in this film that Jason slipped on his hockey mask. A practical joker, Shelly, who loved to play jokes on just about everyone (no one like him because of it) fell prey to our dear Jason. Jason saw the hockey mask that Shelly had been using for one of his pranks, and I guess he thought that might work better than a burlap sack. And yes, indeed it does. 

Body Count:
1. Harold - stabbed
2. Edna - stabbed through head with knitting needle
3. Fox - stabbed with pitchfork
4. Loco - stabbed with pitchfork
5. Shelly - throat slit
6. Vera - spear through the eye
7. Andy - sliced in half with machete
8 & 9. Debbie and her unborn child - stabbed
10. Chuck - electrocuted
11. Chili - stabbed with fire poker
12. Rick - head crushed with Jason's bare hands
13. Ali - hacked with machete

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