#210 -- Mother's Day (2010)

Rating: 3 / 5
Director: Darren Lynn Bousman

I didn't realize when I first started watching this that it was a remake. I didn't know until afterwards that it's a remake of a Troma movie. Now I feel like an ass because I watched this having known nothing about the original, which was released by my favorite film company ever. From what I can tell, this one is pretty different from the original. It's got a couple of the same characters, but I think the old one probably leans more toward horror than this one. This one was more of an action-thriller to me, and there wasn't really much horror to it.

Three brothers attempted to rob a bank, only to have their fourth accomplice betray them and run away with the money. They return to their home only to find out that it's not their home any more. The Sohapi couple won the house in a foreclosure, and the boys' mother was not able to let them in on it. They were not happy when they realized someone else was living in their house, and they took the new owners and their friends hostage. One of the brothers was badly injured and, thankfully, there was a doctor in the house. They needed him to ensure that their brother lived, so he was safe...for a while. In fact, everyone was pretty much safe. Until Mother arrived.

Mother was one sadistic bitch. The hostages were each tortured, by burning water, by being lit on fire, and other things. There was even some attempted rape, where Mother tried to help her injured son get some lovin'. That was the most disturbing part for me. To see this woman actually taking down her son's pants so he could rape a girl...it was truly disgusting. The thing was...the three boys, plus a young girl who didn't seem to belong in the family at all, were not actually her children. She'd abducted them from hospitals, which is why she refused to take her dying son to one. She didn't want anyone to find out what she'd done.

The woman who lived in the house was pregnant, and this caused her to become quite vicious herself. Mother only wanted to get her children to safety. She wanted her injured son to be taken care of, and she wanted to get her other children out of the country so she didn't lose them. She was only looking after her own. Beth was doing the same. She became a monster in her own right while trying to save her unborn child. This was especially important to her since her six year-old son had died not long before, and this was her second chance at being a mother. Beth and Mother actually had a lot in common. But would Beth's attempts prove successful?

I actually thought this was a good movie. I don't know how I'll feel about it once I've seen Troma's version, but as it is right now, I enjoyed it. It wasn't really much of a horror movie, but it was enough to keep my interest the entire time. It never got boring. I would have liked to see more suspense, though.

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