#215 -- Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha Hood (2003)

Rating: 2 / 5
Director: Steven Ayromlooi

Let me explain something to you before I being. It's very simple. Most of these movies (excluding the first, in my opinion) are pretty bad. I actually haven't seen the one where leprechaun went to the hood the first time. But I did see when he went into space, so I can honestly say they're pretty bad. That being said, I still love this little guy. Even though the movies kind of suck, the leprechaun is still awesome.

At the beginning of the movie, Leprechaun was banished by a priest back to Hell. But a year later, a group of urban college-age kids stumbled on his beloved gold. Emily, the main focus of the movie, was warned by a fortune teller that she would come across a great deal of money. The fortune teller explained to her that she must deny the fortune, because it would come at a great price. But did they listen? Of course not. Once they found the gold, they started spending it like crazy. They bought new wardrobes, new cars, fancy gold teeth, and a whole shit ton of  marijuana.

You know that saying, "When in Rome?" Well, apparently even leprechauns believe it. One of his new friends got him high, only for Leprechaun to discover he had some of his gold. He got stabbed in the gut with a bong. Then Leprechaun stumbled around the house looking for something to eat, running into various cabinets along the way. He finally found the refrigerator and got locked inside of it. He didn't find anything to eat, but he did find the situation completely hilarious.

So, why was Leprechaun in the hood? Well, I don't know why he was there to begin with, but I know that when they found his gold, it brought him back from the depths of Hell. I'm not even sure why he ever left Ireland. It did explain, though, why he is so evil. The others might have explained that as well, but it's been so long since I've seen them, I don't remember.

Leprechauns, in mythology, were protectors of fortune. In this one's case, he and a bunch of other leprechauns protected the fortune of their king. They took their job very seriously, as you can probably guess. They had some kind of earthly, magical powers that helped them protect the gold. When their king died, they were all sent back down into the earth. All except one. That one became very evil, and he wold do anything to continue protecting the gold.

This one was just silly. I will admit that it had me laughing out loud, but that didn't make me love the movie. I do love the original, but after that, they just started getting bad. I didn't love this one; I didn't even like it, really. But I didn't hate it. It's definitely worth it to watch just for the laughs. But other than that, it's not good for much else. Still, I love that little guy.

Even if you don't like these movies, even if you hate them; you can't really hate it for being what it is. It's about a killer leprechaun. How can that possibly be anything but silly and stupid? It can't. So, if you go into this expecting it to be anything other than that, then you are terribly mistaken. If you realize what it is, what it's meant to be, then you won't feel that much hatred for it.

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