#191 -- Hell's Gate 11:11 (2004)

Rating: 2 / 5
Director: Michael Bafaro

When I chose this movie to watch today, I thought that I'd seen it before. I was excited because I hadn't seen it in a while, and I liked it the first time around. But I was thinking about The Gate, a much better movie than this. Most of it I didn't even understand, and what I did get wasn't great.

It was about a girl named Sarah who saw her parents murdered when she was seven years old. Shortly before, she met a little girl named Raden out in a field past a gate that opened by itself. Already seems suspicious. Sarah moved in with some woman named Lydia, and she and Raden had a pretty good childhood together. After Lydia sleeps with a boy who tried to rape Sarah, she ended up drowning in the bathtub. Raden showed up at Lydia's funeral and promised to take care of Sarah. But Raden was oddly obsessed with her, and she didn't want her doing anything without her. She couldn't, though, because Raden always showed up everywhere she went. And anyone that messed with Sarah ended up dead. At this point, Sarah started to think that maybe there was something about Raden that wasn't quite right. With her  new beau, they went on a search for answers.

She found a video of her mother and aunt when they were children, and there was Raden hiding in the shadows. That was all it took for Sarah to realize that Raden wasn't normal. Personally, I would've realized it when she wouldn't let me leave the house and said that she was the only friend I needed. Maybe I wouldn't have thought anything about demons or anything, but I'd think something along the lines of "crazy bitch," and kick her out. I'm not really sure what Raden wanted, but I think it was something about opening the gates of hell in 2011. I'm not sure what she needed Sarah for either. I don't know if things just weren't thought out here, or explained, or if I just wasn't paying attention. This could have been pretty good. The story was interesting enough, but it just wasn't played out very well. Maybe I should have payed more attention; or maybe they should have made a better movie. I'm not sure which, but either way, I didn't like this one.

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