#126 -- Ticked Off Trannies with Knives (2010)

Director: Israel Luna
Rating: 4/5

I've been wanting to watch this for quite a while. I put it off because, with a title like that, I expected it to be hilariously awesome. I was scared to watch it because I didn't want to be wrong and have it end up being really bad. It turns out, I was kind of right. Okay, we've got a group of transsexuals: Pinky La'Trimm, Rachel Slurr, Emma Grayshun, Tipper Somore and Bubbles Cliquot. When we first meet them, Bubbles is sporting a black eye, the product of a domestic dispute, it seems. We eventually learn that it was a lot more than an asshole boyfriend that she was having to deal with. When she and two of her friends, Emma and Tipper, are lured to a warehouse by three guys, things go really badly. Boner, the leader of this group of guys, tried to get some action from Bubbles, only to learn that she wasn't a she after all. He was really pissed, and decided that she had to pay for lying to him. Tipper and Emma are killed, but Bubbles makes a narrow escape. She ends up in a coma for a little while; other than having a slight speech impediment, she's okay. Unfortunately, Boner's not finished with her, and he follows her home one night to finish the job. He and his friends have a little game for her; she'll pick a card and it will tell her how she'll die. Fortunately for Bubbles, Rachel and Pinky are waiting outside to save the day.

Thanks to Fergus, the man who owns the club where they work, they are now masters of martial arts. So, it's safe to say that these assholes are in for the night of their lives. The girls have sort of an unorthodox way of getting their revenge, but hey--it works! What better way to hurt an intolerant asshole than by putting something in it? The girls turn their game around on them, and a pretty epic battle follows.

I really enjoyed this movie because it was actually really funny. Those trannies were silly! What's bad, though, is that things like this actually do happen. Society in general is extremely intolerant, and people are abused and killed everyday because of their lifestyle. People cannot handle things they don't understand. It's sickening, but I think this movie shows that you don't have to put up with it. You can fight back. Maybe you shouldn't go all psycho and kill everyone, but you can still fight back. Be strong and don't let stupid people push you around. GLAAD (the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) is very much against this movie, because they claim that it wrongly represents the lives of transgendered people. What I think is that they're missing the point. These girls were so outrageous and over-the-top because it was meant to be funny. They had a serious message to tell, but at the same time the movie was meant to entertain. People who are against this movie claim that it demeans those transsexuals who suffer on a day to day basis. But this movie casted actual transgendered women, who did suffer from cruelty in their lives. I think the movie just shows that the characters (and the women themselves) have gotten past their hardships and are simply trying to live their lives.

I, personally, didn't look that far into it. I know that things like this happen, and it's sickening, but I do realize that this is just a movie. The girls were wronged, and they got their revenge. What resulted was an entertaining film, with some humor and gore thrown in.

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