#112 -- The Legend of Lucy Keyes (2006)

Director: John Stimpson

250 years ago, a little girl named Lucy disappeared in the woods surrounding her family's farm. Her mother, Martha, went insane with grief. She roamed the woods every day, shouting her daughter's name. She believed that Lucy was abducted by Indians, and she spent her days tracking and killing all those she found on her property. People say that she can still be heard throughout the area, calling out for her daughter. Her soul could not rest until Lucy was found.

In the present, a new family movies into the Keyes' home. Jeanne and Guy, and their two daughters: Molly and Lucy. Lucy is a roamer; she likes to explore, and often gets out of her parents' sights. Jeanne is heard often calling out to her daughter. This makes Martha's spirit anxious, and she comes out more often, thinking that--maybe--someone has found her daughter. There is also the matter of Guy's work: he's planning on demolishing the forest to build windmills as an alternative energy source. This would make it near impossible for Martha to find her daughter. The present Lucy gets a gift from the past Lucy: a letter written to her parents describing her death. Lucy gains knowledge of where the other Lucy's body is, and she goes to find her. A land dispute, much like the one that killed Past Lucy, is occurring now and almost costs Present Lucy her life.

This movie seems more like a drama to me than a horror. It took way too long for anything good to happen. The ghost of Martha was downright creepy, and it was great; but it took over an hour for us to see her at all. The story of this movie was fantastic, and supposedly based on truth. The acting was superb, especially that of Present Lucy. It was well-make, but just a little on the slow side. I would have liked more action, and definitely a lot more Martha. This happens so much, it seems like. A movie that has a wonderful story but falls short because of the pacing. I would love to see this story done as a real horror movie. It has the potential to be extremely frightening, but it just wasn't. I was disappointed in the way it turned out.

Things to take away from the movie
  1. Clam Bellies (whatever the hell that is) can be used to ward off spirits, because they don't like the smell.
  2. Clam Bellies can also royally piss your neighbors off, because they don't like the smell.
  3. The chances of a girl named Lucy moving into a house where a girl named Lucy disappeared and causing the spirit of her mother to become angry are apparently not as slim as you would think.
  4. If you know the truth about ghosts, most people just assume you're batshit crazy. 
  5. Never--I mean never-- take a woman's child away from her.

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