#109 -- Slumber Party Massacre (1982)

Director: Amy Holden Jones
Rating: 2/5

Ah, the beloved '80s slasher movie: full of partying, boobs, and dumb teenagers getting themselves killed. Usually, I love this shit. This time, it didn't work for me. We start with Trish. Her parents go out of town and leave her alone at home. Instead of being a good little girl, she invites her friends over for drinking, smoking weed, and good times. Boys eventually show up too, of course. Besides Trish's friends, there's also a new nextdoor neighbor and her sister, the creepy old guy on the other side, and a gym coach. At some point, the boys, trying to be heroes (after the pizza delivery boy falls dead through the doorway), decide to split up and run for the houses next to Trish's. This doesn't end well for them, sadly.

This movie doesn't try to hide its killer. We see him in all his glory (or lack thereof) pretty quickly. This was the first thing that turned me off. I do like a little bit of mystery in my horror, and there was none. There was a little suspense, but only in wondering when he would attack. I wasn't too concerned about how he was going to attack, because he pretty much stuck to his trusty power drill. It was cool to begin with, but it got a little boring after a while.

It also bothered me that the killer had absolutely no backstory. It told us in the beginning that he was an escaped serial killer, but I can't even remember his name. Russ something, I think. It didn't explain why he was killing the girls (besides him saying, "You're so pretty. I love you.) Maybe he was just crazy, I don't know; but I would've liked a little more explanation of him. The ending was pretty anticlimactic. It was sudden with no real action. The neighbor girl, Valerie, was pretty cool going after him with a machete, but other than that, it was a horrible ending to an otherwise okay movie.

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