#113 -- The Open Door (2008)

Director: Doc Duhame
Rating: 4/5

Every 29 days, on the full moon, people call into a strange radio show. It is called The Open door, and it features an oracle that can grant wishes. Following these wishes, however, people start dying. These are considered murder/suicides, and there have been no survivors. Until now. Angelica has a crush on Brad, and Brad happens to like her too. He invites her to a party, where good things will hopefully happen, but unfortunately Angelica's parents forbid her to go. Angelica gets reports about the party from her best friend Staci, who is not a very good best friend. She lies to Angelica, as well as Brad, causing a little snag in their relationship. She also talks another girl, Heather, into forcing Brad to make out with her so that she can take pictures and send them to Angelica. It seems that Staci might have a thing for Brad, though it never really specifies. She's a bitch, though, that's for sure. Angelica is obviously upset (though she doesn't know yet that Staci is to blame), and she calls into The Open Door. They promise to grant her wishes: that her parents will stop interfering in her life, that Brad will tell her he loves her, for his stupid friends to stop picking on her, and for that whore Heather to never be able to touch him. The gang shows up at Angelica's house, planning on scaring the pants off of her, and they begin to die off one by one. Apparently, The Open Door sends some sort of demon over Angelica's way to possess one of her friends to kill one of her other friends.

This was another one of those, "I'm tired of looking, so I'll just watch this one" type of deals. As usual, this method of choosing yields a pretty good movie viewing experience. The story was unique and interesting, the suspense and build-up was nice, the effects were good. The acting was a bit lacking, but it was possible to overlook. The ghost/demon-thing was actually not visible; it was just a bit of fog floating through the air. It was able to drag people, push people, and other sorts of ghostly things, even if it could not be seen. But make no mistakes, The Open Door has some spooks in it, and it's definitely worth a viewing.

Life Lessons from The Open Door

  1. Be careful what you wish for, and how you wish for it.
  2. Weird and scary mannequin heads in your attic are sure to make you hurt yourself.
  3. If you set a guy on fire in your garage, he runs around your yard for a little bit, and finally falls down onto your front porch...Your house actually will not burn down.

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