# 9 -- Boy Eats Girl (2005)

Director: Stephen Bradley
Rating: 5 / 5

Shot in Ireland, this movie follows a love-stricken teenager, Nathan. He's in love with one of his best friends, Jessica, but he's too chicken to ask her out. So, his friends take it upon themselves. They send her a text message with his phone, telling her to meet him at their little hangout spot. Nathan waits for a while, and Jessica never shows up. It is raining, and he stops at a telephone booth to call her. Her father answers and tells him that she left with another guy - the school bully, Kenneth. As Nathan is walking home, he sees Kenneth in his car. After a few moments, Jessica rises up. It appears that she was giving Kenneth a you-know-what. What Nathan doesn't know is this: Jessica was late because her father wouldn't let her leave. She had to sneak out. Kenneth drove up and offered her a ride. He hit a bump in the road and her flashlight fell to the floor. She was leaning down to pick it up when Nathan saw her. 

Heartbroken, Nathan returns home and gets drunk off a bottle of liquor he had hidden under his bed. In front of his doorway, he has a teddy bear hanging from a noose. He gets a chair, and puts the noose around his neck. I don't think he was actually going to kill himself. He was just sad and drunk - a very bad combination. As he's trying to remove the noose, his mother is coming upstairs to tell him to turn the bloody music down. She opens the door, and it hits the chair, knocking Nathan down and to his death. 

Nathan's mother, very upset, decides to preform a voodoo ritual on him to bring him back to life. She uses a book that she found in the caves underneath the church (the church!). But little does she know, there is a page missing, and the ritual goes horribly, horribly wrong.

Nathan is a rather good zombie. He can control himself. He only bit one person, because he said the wrong thing about Jessica. But the zombie Nathan made created several more, and the town is soon overrun with them.

The gore in this one is quite good, especially in the final scene. They use some large vehicle (I have no idea what it actually was) to run down the zombies. There's blood and guts everywhere, and it is beautiful. 

Also, there are some funny scenes. When Nathan tells his friends what is happening, they want to know what it feels like. "I'm stronger. Faster," he replies. "Whoah! Can you fly?" his friend asks. To which he replies (yells, actually), "No! I can't fly!" And you wouldn't imagine that it would be so funny to shove a golf club into a zombie's mouth. 

This movie is absolutely fantastic. It's got equal parts zombie, humor, and stupid teenage angst to satisfy everyone. It's one of my favorite movies, and everyone should definitely check it out.

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