#154 -- The Legend of Bloody Mary (2008)

Director: John Stecenko
Rating: 2/5

Everyone knows the legend: say her name three times, and she'll come out of the mirror to "get you." But the story behind Mary always changes. In this one, Mary was a pregnant woman in the 1600s. No man would claim her unborn child, and the town thought that, therefore, the baby was the devil's spawn. She was placed before a mirror as she was killed, and her soul was trapped inside it. She cursed the town and swore vengeance. The man who fathered her child knew that she would eventually get her revenge, so he killed everyone in the town before she could. Our story follows Ryan, a twenty-something who is plagued with horrible nightmares. His sister disappeared when he was younger, and he was never really able to get over it. With the help of the local priest, he sets out to figure out what really happened to his sister. Turns out, she and her friends had planned a big party to celebrate their high school graduation. They planned on playing a prank on one of their friends, by playing the Bloody Mary Game. They marked themselves (by writing their names on the mirrors with red lipstick) or marked their friends, and they all disappeared. They became trapped inside the mirror with Mary, inside some sort of limbo. All that Ryan and the Father O'Neil had to do was destroy the mirror that Mary had been imprisoned in.

This is an okay story, I guess, but the problem is that the movie is boring. Most of it takes place in flashbacks, to show us what happened with Ryan's sister and her friends. Those parts were pretty good, and that's where we actually got to see Mary. She was pretty creepy, I will admit to that. But I felt like I was ripped off, because I didn't get to see her very often. Everything that happened in the present time was boring and seemed kind of pointless. Sure, they were trying to find the truth, but it just wasn't exciting enough for me. Nothing really happened to Ryan other than bad dreams, and who cares about bad dreams? I don't, unless they involve a certain man in a Christmas sweater. Anyways, it was just boring. If they'd done more with Mary and had her actually haunt, or hunt down, people it could've been a lot better. But as it is, it just wasn't interesting. I can't write very much about this, because there really isn't much to say. I didn't hate it. There was just nothing distinguishing about it. The best thing was Ryan. He was pretty hot. But other than that...meh. Skip it.

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