#159 -- Frozen/Sometimes They Come Back For More (1998)

Director: Daniel Zelik Berk
Rating: 2/5

I watched this on Demand, and there it's called Frozen. It says it's based on characters created by Stephen King, from the story "Sometimes They Come Back", so I guess it's a sequel to that movie. I'm not sure, because I haven't read the story or seen the original movie. There are a few movies that I enjoy (The Green Mile, Pet Semetary, It, and Carrie), but all other movies based on Stephen King stories or books are trash in my opinion. I don't know if the movies are actually bad, or if it's a mental thing on my part. Maybe once I see "Based on so and so by Stephen King," my subconscious automatically tells me I'm going to hate it. But since I didn't know anything about this story, I guess it's just bad. The synopsis says that it's about an ancient evil being raised at a government facility. But what it's really about is Satan's children trying to raise him from Hell. It took place in Antarctica, in an illegal military mining operation. Something happened that left almost everyone dead. There were two survivors, and one man was missing. Two military police officers arrived to investigate the situation. One died, along with one of the two survivors, and the other officer was revealed as being one of Satan's children. His brother was the bad guy here. He was killing the others and raising them from the dead, to create some sort of demon army. It sounds pretty interesting on paper, but it bored me to the point that I just didn't want to watch it anymore. I finished it, obviously, and it thankfully got a little better toward the end. When all the demons came out, and we got to see the little altar to Satan, it was okay. But up until then, it was people stuck in a building trying to figure out why everyone was dying, and why their bodies kept disappearing. Nothing really happened

I'm loving the new On Demand feature on my TV, but it doesn't deliver very good movies, I've realized. I keep watching, though, because it's easier than watching Netflix on my Kindle. I might have to take a break from it for a while so I can watch something worth watching. This movie, whatever you want to call it, was boring. So many movies I've been watching lately just fail to entertain me at all. Maybe it's because I work nights. I get home at six thirty in the morning and put a movie on; so maybe my mind just isn't able to be entertained that early in the morning. I'm not sure. But I just hate to think that there are that many bad horror movies out there. I guess I should have already known that. I'm getting the feeling I've already watched all the good ones.

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