#141 -- "B" Challenge: Big Bad Wolf (2006)

Director: Lance W. Dreesen
Rating: 4/5

The "A" challenge is done, so now I'm moving onto the B's. I shouldn't have any problem finding movies starting with this letter, seeing as horror movies like to have the word "bloody" or something like it in the title. I might be surprised, though; who knows? I watched this movie last night on television. I wasn't expecting too much, since most of the movies I watch on TV really aren't all that great. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how entertaining Big Bad Wolf was. Everything about it was good; it wasn't a mind-blowing spectacular entry into the horror genre, but it was definitely very entertaining. First off, we saw a couple of guys out in the woods. What they were doing, I'm not really sure. I think they were in Africa somewhere on a safari. Maybe. But anyways, the two that we saw were talking to the other--who had gotten separated from them--through a walkie talkie. They heard a terrifying roar and went to investigate. One of them is killed, and the other follows shortly afterwards, but not before he has his legs torn off by the strange creature that killed his friend. The third member of the party, Charlie, returned to find his brother leg-less and dead. He shot the creature, but somehow he knew that wasn't the end of it. Cut to seven years later, and college freshman Derek was getting ready for a trip with a couple of his classmates. He was pledging for a fraternity, and I guess to prove to the popular kids that he was worth it, they were going out to his stepfather's cabin in the woods for a weekend of fun. There were six kids in all at the cabin: Derek; the popular dipshits, Alex, Jason, Melissa, and Cassie; and Derek's long-time friend Sam (don't you dare call her Samantha), a badass biker chick played by Kimberly J. Brown (from Halloweentown, anyone remember that?). So they got to the cabin after driving around in circles for five hours, and they commenced with the partying. Sam was, of course, having a horrible time. She just didn't like the company, but other than that everything was okay. Alex and Cassie were in the bedroom having their fun; Melissa and Jason were outside having their fun; and Derek and Sam were inside chatting. Everything went wrong, though, when Melissa was attacked by some huge beast. Jason ran for it, and almost made it back into the cabin. Almost. His legs were torn off, just like Derek's dad. They shut the door on the beast, only for him to come in through the bedroom window and rape Cassie. It killed her and Alex, but Derek and Sam were able to escape. They went back home, safe and sound. They knew that they were not attacked by any normal animal. Sam's points were these: it walked on two legs, it wore pants, and it could talk. Yep, this werewolf talked to them. And he was funny as hell. He even referenced the Three Little Pigs when trying to break into the cabin. "Little pigs, let me in, or I'll huff and I'll puff, and I'll rip your guts out!" He had all sorts of funny little things to say. Derek and Sam soon began to suspect that Derek's asshole of a stepfather, Mitch, was actually the werewolf. With a little snooping, a DNA sample, and his uncle Charlie's telling of the true story of his father's death, they knew the truth. And they had to stop him.

Like I said, this one was definitely entertaining. Even though the werewolf could talk, it stuck to the typical werewolf formula. Full moon, silver bullets, and things like that. Also, it was a wolf-man, instead of 100% wolf, which I always like. Mitch the man was a complete dick, but Mitch the werewolf was funny as shit. Also, I've got to mention Ms. Kimberly J. Brown. I have always been a huge fan of Halloweentown ('cause I'm cool like that), so it was really awesome to see her in this. She was a biker chick, for sure. She had the leather jacket, the nose/lip/tongue piercing, and she was a bad-ass. Everyone was scared of her, and she could definitely take care of herself--and Derek, for that matter. She was just awesome, and I loved it. The story was pretty predictable. I wasn't really surprised at anything other than how much I enjoyed it. The ending was pretty much what you'd expect from a werewolf movie, but that's okay. Even with those couple of things, I still think it was done really well. All of the actors did a wonderful job, there was just enough gore to please me, and the creature effects weren't all that bad either. But what got me was the talking werewolf. I've already mentioned it, but I'll say it again. It wasn't really the fact that he could talk; it was all about what he said. I think that, if he'd been saying serious things about how he was hungry and wanted to eat them, it would have been seriously stupid. But since he was comical and he made us laugh, it worked. That was the only silly part of the movie, though. The rest played out like a horror movie. Kids get killed, survivors try to get revenge on what killed them, while trying to keep from getting themselves killed in the process. It wasn't scary, but it was a good movie. Oh, and also: Mitch would start transforming when he got angry or horny. Yes, horny. He was able to control it on normal days, but on the full moon he just couldn't hold it back. He was a whore, I'll tell you that much. He raped Cassie earlier on in the movie, and he tried to have a go at Sam too. I can't really blame him for that, though, considering the way she collected his DNA sample. Anyways, this is some light entertainment that'll have you giggling. So check it out!

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