Happy Birthday

So, today is my 22nd birthday. Here's what I've done so far today:
1) I went shopping with my dad, to find my boyfriend's Christmas gifts. My dad bought me lunch at a yummy Mexican restaurant.
2) I came home to a birthday cake that my mom and cousin made for me.

My mom knows me well enough to make me a monster cake. I love her. :)

3) I tried to make some Christmas cookies, and I completely ruined them. The first batch was 100% BURNED, and the second batch...Well, something happened to the dough so that I couldn't even cut it with my awesome Christmas cookie cutters. I'm not sure what I did, but I'm still pretty upset about it. Explanation: I've been on a diet for the last month or so, and I've pretty much cut out all sweets. My boyfriend calls me the cookie monster, so you can guess that I FUCKING LOVE COOKIES. I was extremely excited to get a cookie for my birthday, but alas...I fucked up. Store-bought Christmas cookies, anyone?

4) Now...I'm bored, and desperately wishing that I had a cookie. My boyfriend is out shopping with my mom, and I'm watching my step-son play Super Mario Sluggers on the Wii.

PS. I really want a cookie. :(


  1. A bit late but Happy birthday!!! Congrats! Hope you had a great Christmas too. Have a great 2012! Happy New Year!!! :)