13 Days of Creepmas, Day 2

I'm sure everyone remembers a little show called Tales From the Crypt. I, myself, had a bit of a crush on the Crypt Keeper when I was a kid. I still think he's a cutie patootie. But that's not the point. Some might not know that the Crypt Keeper put out a Christmas CD. I own this CD, and it is incredible. So, here's a peek at the most awesome Christmas CD ever made.

Tales From the Crypt: Have Yourself a Scary Little Christmas

1. Intro to Album
2. Deck the Hall with Parts of Charlie
3. Juggle Bills
4. We Wish You'd Bury the Missus
5. Moe Teitlebaum
6. A Christmas Card for the Cryptkeeper
7. Christmas Rap
8. Intr to Cryptkeeper's Family Christmas
9. Cryptkeeper's Family Christmas
10. Twas the Fright Before Christmas
11. 12 Days of Cryptmas
12. Revenge of the Cryptkeeper
13. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
14. Should Old Cadavers Be Forgot

You can buy this CD on Amazon here. But for now, here's a Christmas treat for you all. My favorite song on the album: Christmas Rap.


  1. I used to watch these as a kid.. great! Have you seen Santa's Slay yet?

  2. I haven't seen it. I want to, but sadly Netflix took it down before I could watch it. :(