13 Days of Creepmas, Day 12

There's no doubt that there is a lot of creepy Christmas stuff in the world. Some of them I'm not sure are intentional. I've found some bizarre things throughout Creepmas, and I'd like to share some of those things with you.

Creepy/weird Christmas

This thing is creepy, and AMAZING!

Can anyone say "still lives with his mom?"

WTF? Is that a monkey raping a yeti? Just...what the hell.

Frankie wishes you all a Merry Creepmas

Living Dead Doll Nohell. She's creepy & cute. Look closely, and you'll see her pupils are snowflakes. :) They're all sold out at the moment, but you can check it out here.

Again...What the hell? And she's a red-head. We've already got a bad name, do you really have to make it worse?

This scares me more than it should, probably.

Zombie Santa says "fuck you" to Christmas.

I'm not sure why, but this Frosty, to me, is creepy as hell!

What do you guys think? Have you found any creepy Christmas cards? That's what I was looking for, but I couldn't find too many. I'd love to see some if you've found them!


  1. That monkey and yeti picture is waaaaay unsettling. Nothing you'll find on Animal Planet. Is it part of a series? Are there more?

  2. Ha, I'm not sure if there are more. That's the only one I saw, but it's definitely strange. What I want to know is where is it from? Where in the world does someone think that's an acceptable Christmas card?