13 Days of Creepmas, Day 11

Once again, I have more creepy Christmas music. This is a little bit different than the others, because the music is actually beautiful. I found it randomly through Google, and I really enjoyed it. It's called "Have Yourself A Scary Little Christmas." Yes, that is the same title as the Tales From the Crypt Christmas CD, but this is very different. A pianist named Kris Knight takes classic Christmas tunes and gives them a sinister little twist. Not only is it creepy, it is incredibly beautiful music. The website allows you to hear clips of each of the songs, and you can buy the entire album on Amazon if you wish.

Go to scarylittlechristmas.com to hear this wonderful music.

1 comment:

  1. OMG. That is awesome! I loved "Scare-ol of the Bells" and "Wreck the Halls". Thanks for posting - I need to go place an order!