#185 -- Wreckage (2010)

Rating: 2.5 / 5
Director: John Mallory Asher

Some movies fail because of scenes and occurrences that make no sense and are not connected; that, and they make their surprise endings way too obvious way too early. This is one of those movies. It started out with two young brothers, Ricky and Wesley. Their mother was a druggie, and her dealer was abusive. One day when the dealer was being rough with Wesley, Ricky grabbed a gun and shot him; then he shot their mother. Cut to about sixteen years later, and a girl was almost killed (or raped?) by a some guy named Kane. She ran into the junkyard, and some unknown person took Kane out. This scene seemed completely pointless. Kane and the girl were listening to the radio, which was saying that some prisoner had escaped. So I guess the prisoner was in the junkyard, and he saved her from Kane. We never saw Kane or the girl again, and we never found out for sure who the unknown person was. We can have assumptions and theories, but it never gave  us a real, concrete answer. It just was, and we were supposed to accept it.

Meanwhile, a group of friends got trapped in the junkyard after their car broke down. there was the newly engaged couple, Kate and Jared; and there was the pregnant couple, Jessica and Rick. They all went to the junkyard so that Jared could find some part to fix his broken car. Rick was playing around with his gun, and he "accidentally" shot Kate. Jared went for help, but when he came back with the police, his friends were gone.

They searched around for a while, until they found Jessica dead and rick "wounded." Kate was nowhere to be found. Then, everyone in the junkyard (police officers, paramedics...) started to get killed.

You've probably figured it out by now. A little boy named Ricky killed his mom; then a grown man named Rick found himself surrounded by murder. No, it's not an accidental coincidence. They actually made it that fucking obvious. So, why wasn't Rick, or Ricky, locked away? That's because when the police arrived, his brother Wesley took the blame for him. Wesley was locked away, and he was the prisoner that the radio said had escaped. It was a big deal. I guess they thought that, once they'd established the grown-up Rick/Wesley situation, we'd have forgotten which brother was which--even though we'd seen it less than ten minutes before. Or maybe they forgot which brother was which. But it ruined the entire movie for me.

Some guy found Kate and brought her to Jared and his police officer friend. Assuming that this guy was the killer, Jared killed him. I think that guy was supposed to be Wesley, but I'm not quite sure. It never really cleared that up for me. For the most part, the movie wasn't all that bad. But the whole painfully obvious surprise ending thing ruined it. I knew from the beginning who the killer was, and I could tell that they were trying to be clever and sneaky with it. I honestly believe these people thought they were going to surprise me. But I kept watching, because I was hoping that--maybe--I was wrong. Maybe it wouldn't be Rick. Maybe it actually was an accidental coincidence. But no. They did exactly what I thought they would do with it, and it made the whole thing a complete waste of time. I don't want to go into a movie knowing exactly what's going to happen. I don't mind having a vague idea of what's going to happen; but for them to shove it in my face like that, and then expect me to be surprised by it? Oh hell no, I don't think so. They took a perfectly fine idea, and what could have been a pretty good movie, and they completely ruined it by being stupid.

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