#182 -- Twisted Sisters (2006)

Rating: 3 / 5
Director: Wolfgang Buld

This one stars Fiona Horsey, the girl with the killer vagina from Angst. It also stars Paul Conway, who was her love interest Dennis in that movie. This time he's a detective, and he's not so keen on her. The first thing we see is a woman picking a man up in a bar. We can tell right away that she's a bit of a whore, and things probably won't turn out very well for her. She takes that man back to his apartment, where she sleeps with him and then butchers and castrates him. That's her thing: sex, slaughter, castration. The sex seems kind of painful for her, and my first thought was, "Uh-oh, another case of vagina dentata?" But we learn later that the pain is emotional, rather than physical.

Then we meet Jennifer. She's a business woman with a pretty great life. She's got a wonderful boyfriend, Alan, a great job that she loves, and she's expecting her first child. Things are looking great for her, until a detective shows up who suspects her of murder. She gets roped into a murder investigation she knows nothing about, and she has no idea of how to get out of it. See, the thing is, there were witnesses who saw her with all of the men who were murdered. Even though she knows that she didn't kill anyone, she doesn't see a way out of it. It becomes even more stressful for her when the detective shows her a video of a woman with the man that  was murdered not long before. The woman looks exactly like her. When her parents hear of her situation, they let her know that she was adopted, and that she had a twin sister, Norah.

The story is that Jennifer and Norah's mother was raped, and their father was so outraged by this that he killed her, before taking his own life. Norah was sent to live with her aunt and uncle. They didn't want Jennifer because she cried too much, and she was adopted by a wonderful and loving couple. Norah wasn't so lucky. Her uncle was an abusive pedophile who liked to rape Norah on a nightly basis. She became pregnant with his child, and this ruined her ability to have any children in the future. It's understandable that she'd be a little fucked in the head. She said that she got pleasure from people hurting her, which is why she did what she did. Even though she was doing most of the hurting in those situations. I think the sex itself was painful for her, because she'd been traumatized by the act at a young age. But she hated--absolutely despised--Jennifer for having the life she thought she deserved. Her main goal was to destroy her sister, out of jealousy and anger. One night, she drugged Jennifer with some sleeping medicine, so that she could bring a man to her house and kill him. She hoped that this would prove to the police, without a doubt, that Jennifer was the murderer. She hoped that was what it would take to ruin Jennifer's life. Unfortunately for her, the police discovered that Jennifer did, indeed, have a twin sister, and that she'd been institutionalized. They finally believed her. Jennifer and Alan went to stay at a vacation home to get away from all the drama, but they didn't plan on Norah following them. When Alan was away, Norah tied Jennifer up in the attic, and she took her place. She lived with Alan for a little while, and she finally knew what real happiness was. She said she could see herself falling in love with him.

But Jennifer wouldn't have it. She escaped from the basement, and was on her way to end her evil sister, when the detectives showed up. Of course, they mistook Jennifer for Norah, and the other way around, and Jennifer got shot.

She survived, but would there be a way to get her old life back? Would anyone believe that she was Jennifer, and not her sister?

I will say that Fiona Horsey was pretty hot in this one. She was the sexy lady who fucks shit up, which is actually quite a terrifying thing. They called her "the devil with the angel's face." I wouldn't really call Norah anything even close to an angel, because she was definitely a very bad girl in every sense of the phrase. The guys knew it; that's why they were so drawn to her. She was easy, and she was always willing. It was also sad to see such a good girl roped into something so twisted. And twisted it was (hence the title). Norah was fucking vicious. She put a stick of firecrackers in one guy's ass, and blew his guts all to hell. Most just got castrated, which was simple enough, but the end result was far from pretty. And she was laughing while she was doing all of this. But I think the title was wrong. It should have been called One Twisted Bitch. Because Jennifer wasn't twisted at all. Of course. Girls named Jennifer can't be anything but sweethearts.

So, this one was quite interesting. I enjoyed it, but my problem was there wasn't very much suspense. We knew early on that Jennifer wasn't the killer. We believed it for a minute, but that illusion was shattered when the stranger in the hood and sunglasses (Norah) began following Jennifer. It was pretty obvious that someone else was involved. It became suspenseful for me when Norah had Jennifer tied up in the attic. I was worried that Jennifer wouldn't be able to get free; that she would starve or drown in her own piss, or something. I was also worried that Norah was going to kill Alan, but I think she had truly found happiness with him, and the fact that she'd finally ruined Jennifer's life. But in the end, it was an enjoyable movie, and I would recommend it.

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