#97 -- Kill Katie Malone (2010)

Director: Carlos Ramos, Jr.
Rating: 3/5

"Never buy a demon on the internet." You'd think no one needed to be told not to buy a ghost on the internet, right? Well, three college friends Jim, Dixie, and Ginger do just that. It is the ghost of an 18th century Irish slave girl, who was brutally abused and left to freeze to death in a barn. Her name is Katie Malone. All she's ever wanted is a family, and she will kill anyone who gets in the way of that.

This one stars Masiela Lusha (Carmen from the George Lopez show, and I really enjoyed seeing her in something different), and Dean Cain has a small role as the man who sold the ghost to the three friends. When their friends start dying or getting hurt (all of the "accidents" were deemed self inflicted: a teacher cut off her own tongue, and a fellow student cut off her own arm), right after they bought the box containing the spirit of Katie Malone, they figure they might want to get rid of it. But getting rid of an angry ghost really isn't all that easy.

It has its creepy moments, and a pretty good story if you ask me. Of course, mention the word "irish" and I'm sold, so I might be a little biased. But I enjoyed it, and it actually freaked me out a little bit. We couldn't see Katie for most of the movie; she was completely invisible. The only time she could be seen was when she wanted to be seen, and it wasn't a pretty sight. Right after I finished watching the movie, I got into the shower. I was thinking about someone (or something) being in there with me that I couldn't see, and yeah, I was a little freaked. So this one must be pretty good. You should make your own decisions, of course, but I say it's worth a try. It's definitely got a little spook factor, it's got a little bit of comic relief, and all of the production was well done. The ending was ironic, and I found it quite hilarious. There wasn't much gore, but this is the kind of movie that doesn't need it. It relies on atmosphere rather than a splatterfest, and it succeeds. I wasn't disappointed in the lack of gore. This is another one of those movies that is good, but not mind-blowing. So if you're bored and in need of some quick and easy entertainment, try it out.

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