#96 -- Heartstopper (2006)

Director: Bob Keen
Rating: 3/5

Can you imagine getting struck by lightning while simultaneously being fried in the electric chair? That is exactly what happens to serial killer Jonathan Chambers, but he doesn't let that stop him! Instead, he preys on innocent people in the hospital where he was taken for an autopsy. Our two main characters are suicidal teen, Sarah, and victim of rake abuse, Walter (he fell on a rake while gardening). Chambers is, apparently, a demon from Hell; he claims that the "dark lord" is the mastermind behind his evil ways, and he needs Sarah's body as a new "vessel" so that he can continue on his murder spree. His MO? Ripping out his victims' hearts, which rejuvenates him. After being electrocuted, he is burned horribly and is completely unrecognizable. He rips out a doctor's heart, and as soon as it touches his flesh, he is 100% healed. Well, almost. His current body is becoming weak, as should be expected after the whole electric chair/lighting strike fiasco. He promises Sarah power beyond her wildest dreams, and a way out of the horrible and abusive life that is high school.

There's something about Chambers' tattoos as well - they slither onto Sarah's arms, intent on claiming her body to do the dark lord's bidding. Robert Englund has a short role as the town sheriff, and he is always wonderful. This movie claims that Mr. Englund stars, which I assume is to trick people into watching it. "Hey! It's Robert Englund! Oh, he's dead now..." Ah well, that's how it goes, I guess. But Heartstopper really isn't that bad of a movie. It's got its suspenseful moments, and Jonathan Chambers is quite creepy at times. It's not the greatest, but it's not the worst by far. It also stars that guy from Radio Free Roscoe (anyone remember that show?) as rake-boy, Walter. It's definitely worth it to check it out; you might not be blown away, but you'll be entertained.

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