#327 -- Dead Noon (2007)

Director: Andrew Wiest
Rating: 2 / 5

Oh, how they rope me in. I found this on Demand, and I thought the idea was somewhat interesting. Nothing I'd be dying to watch, though. When I scrolled down a little bit and saw Kane Hodder's name, I was completely sold. They get me like that every time. But don't let them fool you too; Kane is hardly in the movie at all, and even his awesomeness couldn't save it.

The back story on these folks is interesting enough, but somehow they just failed to deliver. So, back in the old West days, a sheriff finds his partner, Frank, sleeping with his wife. He kills his wife, every member of Frank's posse, and then sets out to kill Frank himself. He succeeds, and Frank ends up in Hell. While in Hell, he plays poker games with who I assume was the Sheriff. They always have the same deal: if Frank wins, he gets to go back to Earth. Frank usually loses, but this time he gets what he wants. So Frank walks right out of Hell and goes on a killing spree, searching for the last remaining relatives of the Sheriff's, so he can end their bloodline once and for all.

Pretty cool, huh? No. Frank and his resurrected posse go about killing everyone, and it's just mindless slayings. There's no real structure to it. For the most part, it'll leave you feeling confused. Once you realize that he's searching for the rest of the bloodline, it makes a little bit of sense; but not much. So, we're following Logan and Stuart, brothers and great-great-grandson's of the sheriff. They're cops too, and they're out searching for whoever has been killing all these people. Along with some chick (who happens to be much better with a gun than both of them combined), they're hoping they'll be able to stop Frank. They finally learn what Frank's all about, and it doesn't seem to bother them all that much. And, that's pretty much it. There's a fight scene at the end, and a shoot-out, and then - finally - it's over.

So, where does Kane Hodder come into play? Well, at the beginning he's got some girl held hostage, and he's telling her this story. She's all beat up and we can only assume that he means her harm. I'm going to spoil the ending now. Not that you care. The movie spoils itself by being so terrible. So, Kane ends up being a demon himself, and he's here to finish what Frank couldn't: ending the bloodline. The girl was supposed to have been Logan's daughter, which is what she thought all her life, but apparently she was Frank's daughter. I'm not really sure how that happened; I guess he raped Logan's wife. It wasn't explained at all. So, that's it. Kane's in the movie for maybe ten minutes altogether. And here's an interesting fact that I found on IMDB-- he wasn't even in the movie at all originally. The movie was made, and when a company decided to buy it for some reason, they added those scenes in. They also re-edited it, and worked some magic to make it better. So, originally, it was actually worse. Good grief.

Kane actually is the best thing about this movie. I usually say that just because I love him, but here it's actually true. The other actors were horrible; the effects were stupid, and the story was jumbled and made no sense most of the time. Usually, I can ignore bad effects. I'm no low budget hater. But I can only ignore that if everything else is done well which, here, it absolutely is not. Altogether, it's just a flat-out horrible movie. That one extra  point I gave it in my rating was for Kane, of course. He's wonderful, as usual. You should see it if you, like me, are a huge Kane fan. Otherwise, just skip it. You'll thank me, I promise.

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