How To Be A Zombie - Book Review

How To Be A Zombie: The Essential Guide For Anyone Who Craves Brains

Rating: 5/5 - One of my new favorites!

Have you recently been transformed into a member of the undead? Feeling scared, confused, and don't know what to do? Then Serena Valentino's How To Be A Zombie is the perfect book for you. She will help you figure out what kind of zombie you are, and then guide you as you learn to cater to your own specific needs. She is very sympathetic toward the undead, and will give you unbiased opinions on what you should do to best survive through the zombie apocalypse. She covers everything from hunting, proper diet, and thwarting humans who wish to kill you; to fashion and romance. Everything you need to know about being a zombie is all right at your fingertips. You will learn about zombie books, movies and music as well. Everything the newly zombiefied might need can be conveniently found in this lovely book.

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