#89 -- Halloween Night (2006)

Director: Mark Atkins
Rating: 1/5

A young boy named Christopher Vale had the misfortune to witness the rape/murder of his mother, and the suicide of his father. During the course of this, he became horribly burned and was eventually sent to a mental institution. After killing two guards, he escaped from the asylum, and made his way back home to find his mother's body. Along the way, of course, he had to kill some kids.

These kids were having a pretty neat Halloween party, aside from a horribly cruel prank played by the host. The mysterious man in the executioner costume was believed to be a friend of the host's, until it was revealed that he was murdering their friends one by one.

So, any of this sounding familiar? This movie is such an obvious rip-off that it's almost sad. And it's not even a rip-off that worked. Christopher Vale was burned, not wearing a pale white mask, but the similarities are undeniable. Even the theme song is similar to that of Halloween. Of course, they couldn't recreate the movie entirely, so there had to be some differences. But I think they could have tried harder to make this movie good on its own. I tried to overlook the wannabe-Halloween and enjoy it on its own, but it was impossible. The acting, aside from a couple of peoples', was horrible. The effects: horrible. The ending: it made no sense. The story? Well, it was good when John Carpenter did it, but not so much here. I could find only two redeeming qualities here. The weapons Vale used, that went along with his executioner's costume, were pretty cool. And it made me realize just how much respect I have for Michael Myers. I've never been a huge fan, but I still think it shouldn't be fucked with. I know Rob Zombie fucked with it, and I liked his version better. But the difference is that Zombie didn't try to hide the fact that he was making Halloween over again. He said, "Look here, I'm re-making this movie." He didn't try to pull it off as a complete work of his own imagination. Maybe I'm looking to much into it; maybe it's not a rip-off. You can watch it and form your own opinions, but mine stands. Ignore the rip-off factor, though, and the movie is still terrible.

I couldn't find any photos to go along with this crapfest, but I didn't worry about it too much. I doubt there would have been anything worth sharing anyway.

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  1. There are two ways to approach this movie:

    1.) As a movie on its own it's pretty subpar and lacking in redeeming qualities.

    2.) In comparison to anything else The Asylum has churned out it's really not that bad.

    It all depends on your point of reference :)