#319 -- A Little Bit Zombie (2012)

Director: Casey Walker
Rating: 3.5 / 5

When I found this movie on Netflix, what I expected was a fun and quirky ride. Zombies are a fairly easy subject to turn into comedy, and I've seen several very good zombie-comedies. I expected no differently from this one.

What got me was when Netflix told me about the main character trying to fight becoming a zombie. I expected some funny shit to go down while this guy was resisting the virus. The movie started off with a couple of zombie hunters being all bad-ass like they're supposed to be. The woman had some kind of orb that could alert them to the zombies' locations. While they were fighting zombies, a mosquito wandered in and sucked one of the zombies' blood. In an awesome transition scene, it ended up following a group of kids to a cabin out in the woods. They were Steve and his fiance Tina; Steve's sister Sarah and her husband Craig. While trying to break up a fight between Sarah and Tina, Steve got bitten -- several times -- by the zombie mosquito. This is how he became a member of the undead. Meanwhile, the zombie hunters' orb started acting funny. The woman was certain that this meant there was a hybrid somewhere -- someone who was resisting the infection -- and that finding them could mean finding a cure. So they set out on a search for Steve.

Steve definitely had a time of figuring out what was happening to him. At first, he just thought he was sick. Sarah was sure that it was his body's way of telling him he shouldn't marry Tina. But every time anyone said the word "brains," he dropped about a gallon of drool into his lap; when the zombie hunters showed up, he hid and considered the fact that, maybe, he was a zombie somehow. They ended up going to a redneck meat market, where all sorts of animal brains were available for sale. They bought 'em all. Steve felt better for a while, but a book from the zombie hunters gave them said that his system would always reject animal brains. He needed a human. So the girls dressed up like hookers, went to the local bar, and picked up the biggest guy they could find. Steve wasn't a very good zombie, though, because he just couldn't bring himself to kill.

There are definitely some funny bits here. Eating rattlesnake and skunk brains is one thing. Steve having his ear stapled back to his head is another. But my favorite was when he said he didn't think he could eat a woman. This gave Craig an arsenal of jokes about Steve being a gay zombie. Great stuff.

I can't find a whole lot wrong with this movie. The actors were great. Some might say they were over the top, and I would agree, but I believe that their performances were purposely hyped up. The effects were great, especially the transition scenes with the mosquito in the beginning. The soundtrack was wonderful, and I'd love to get my hands on it. The zombie hunters and their orb gave the whole thing a kind of mystical feel, and there were definitely some laugh out loud moments. It's a great movie for some light entertainment, but at the end of the day, I just felt like it wasn't as good as it could have been. It wasn't the best of its kind that I've seen, but it's definitely an entertaining show.

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