New F13 Memorabilia

So, I haven't blogged in quite some time, and I know I should probably come back with a super awesome movie review. But, I'm not going to do that. Why? Because I'm too damn excited to show off what I bought over the weekend. My boyfriend and I went thrift store hopping. I was searching for some kind of knick-knack to zombify. I didn't find anything in that department, but I found something wonderful when we stopped in a little comic book/toy store: A Friday the 13th Matchbox car. Yeah, I said it. It's cute, I'm sure it'll be worth some money one day (not that I'd EVER sell it), and I only paid ten bucks for it. Score!


I guess Jason must be preying on dwarves these days, because he's twice as big as that van. But oh well. It's cute and I love it! The store where I bought it had tons of horror movie stuff: more Friday figures, along with A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Scream, Evil Dead, and even The Munsters! Oh boy, I can't wait to go back and get some more.

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